Jamie Clark Appointed As Director Of CelloBello Teacher Training Seminar

Dr. Jamie Clark was appointed Director of the CelloBello Teacher Training Seminar, held July 23-30, 2022.

CelloBello.org is an internationally acclaimed organization born out of a desire to maximize the educational potential of the internet and offer the highest level of online musical instruction to cellists without access to teachers, to stimulate musical and technical discussion and exchange, and to foster a global cello community.

Jamie is joined by faculty members Brant Taylor (Chicago Symphony), Kangho Lee (Korea National University of the Arts), Mike Block (New England Conservatory), Horacio Contreras (University of North Texas), Eugene Friesen (Berklee College of Music), Alex Croxton, Andrea Yun, Jonathan Koh, and Sandy Kiefer. 

The Teacher Training Seminar features discussions and workshops that address a multitude of pedagogical topics.  Topics included this year are:

– How Improvisation Can Feed Technical Practice
– Intonation at All Levels
– Pentatonics for Creative Play
– Pizzicato techniques inspired by African instruments and rhythmic styles from pop, jazz, and Latin music
– Helping Students Train and Condition the Mind
– Finding Freedom and Flexibility in Thumb Position
– Year One with a Traditional Beginner Student
– Skipping Steps and Non-Linear Learners
– Latin American Cello Repertoire: Teaching and Performing Music by Latin American Composers
– And More!

For more information about the seminar, visit: https://www.cellobello.org/

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