Ying Quartet In Residence At Stetson School of Music

The Grammy Award Winning Ying Quartet, on Faculty at the Eastman School of Music, will be in residence at Stetson January 21st-22nd.

We invite you to attend string masterclasses, chamber music masterclasses, and a final concert.

Here is the schedule for the weekend, all events are open to the public:

Saturday, January 21st
– 2:00pm Violin Masterclass with Robin Scott in Lee Chapel – Featuring Diana Quintero and Carla Rosario
– 2:00pm Viola Masterclass with Phillip Ying in Tinsley – Featuring Carter Padrick and Sarah Trochessett
– 3:00pm Cello Masterclass with David Ying in Lee Chapel – Featuring Alejandro Salazar and Georgie Gonzalez

Sunday, January 22nd
– 2:00pm Chamber Music Masterclass with the Ying Quartet in Lee Chapel – Featuring Katarina Nieminen, Brielle Pitterson, Brianna Mehershahi, Alejandro Salazar, Gildalee Yrigoyen, Olivia Corporon, Carla Rosario, Ian Burgos, and Georgie Gonzalez.
– 7:30pm Ying Quartet Concert with Jamie Clark in Lee Chapel 
Works by Billy Childs, Jennifer Higdon, Samuel Barber, and Franz Schubert

To learn more about the Ying Quartet please visit: http://www.ying4.com/

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