Dr. John Lychner’s Article Published In The Florida Music Director

Dr. John Lychner, Director of Music Education at Stetson, authored one of the two featured articles in the November issue of the Florida Music Director.  

The article titled, “Keep Tending the Fire!  Recruiting and Maintaining Performing Ensembles Post-Pandemic,” is an extension of Dr. Lychner’s presentation at the 2022 FMEA State Conference.  It describes and discusses a wide variety of methods for keeping students engaged in all kinds of performing ensembles.  These. methods have proven beneficial to ensemble directors at all levels from across the country.  Some things are re-works of traditional approaches while others are creative.  All are forward looking.  

The November edition of the Florida Music Director has just been made available and Dr. Lychner hopes that the information in the article is beneficial to all who read it.  

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