Dr. Peter Smucker Featured On “Kudomusicology” Stream To Discuss Scholarship On Video Game Music

Dr. Peter Smucker was featured on the “Kudomusicology: A Ludomusicology Literature Review” Twitch stream to discuss his 2018 article, “Gaming Sober, Playing Drunk: Sound Effects of Alcohol in Video Games.” On this weekly Twitch stream, Dr. Dana Plank interviews authors on their articles and chapters in the field of ludomusicology, primarily on video game music and sounds. The stream took place on Friday, May 27 at 2:00 p.m. Access to the stream is at the following URL, and a video on demand is available at: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1310604244

The abstract for Dr. Smucker’s article states:
This article develops a framework for associations between sounds, alcohol, and video games. Some recent studies examine representations of drugs and alcohol in video games. While these studies raise serious concerns about drug and alcohol content in games, they primarily focus on the presence and stereotypical use of alcohol, offering limited attention to related sounds and music, or the increased integration between sound design and game-play. Through examples of video games and related media, this article provides historical, cultural, and music-theoretical groundwork for creating an associative soundscape of alcohol in multimedia experiences. After an initial examination of presence and censorship of alcohol content in video games, the article defines and explores four primary categories for representations of sound and alcohol in multimedia: (1) Sound Icons of Alcohol, which highlights sonic objects and their potential interpretive meanings; (2) Sound Environments, which considers cultural appropriations of music and sounds in locations associated with alcohol; (3) Representations of Drinking and Drunkenness, such as the use of specific orchestration or manipulations of musical parameters; and (4) Psychological and Physiological Effects of Sound and Alcohol, which looks specifically at altered sonic perceptions and ludic experiences.

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