Alumna Clarinetist, Hannah Faircloth, Presents Research At Clareidoscope

Alumna, Hannah Faircloth (’20) presented her research for the International Clarinet Association’s virtual event Clareidoscope on March 19, 2022. Hannah’s presentation was on her research entitled, “The Music in Visual Art: An Exploration of the Relationship between the Musical and Artistic Processes.” She discussed the artistic and musical processes behind creating a visual work of art alongside learning a piece of music, with the goal to discover how the processes are related and affect each other. Additionally, she produced a series of paintings depicting each movement of Eric Mandat’s The Moon in My Window, as well as performed the piece in concert. She presented this for a panel of distinguished clarinet pedagogues and answered their questions on her research.

Hannah states, “I believe that any time we work in multiple domains we become more effective artists. This presentation aims to inspire and encourage others, as well as provide insight to my work.” Her presentation was well received by all. Way to go, Hannah!

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