Stetson Guitar Area Receives Generous Donation

Stetson’s guitar area has received a donation of a 1966 Jose Ramirez guitar.  This instrument was donated by Elke Owen in loving memory of her husband Gerry Owen.  Mr. Owen was long time supporter of the Stetson Guitar Program and  the instrument’s original owner.  The Stetson guitar students are thrilled to have access to this world class instrument.  

One thought on “Stetson Guitar Area Receives Generous Donation

  1. Thank you Elke Owen for such a wonderfully thoughtful and special gift. The guitar program started with the arrival of Stephen Robinson, so many years ago and he so incredibly talented. His talent was widely known and a magnet to all who aspired to be like him and eventually carve out their own niche. I am sorry for the loss of Gerry but his legacy and love of guitar will live on through your generous donation. I and the Stetson community have reaped the blessing of hearing, not only many talented artists since the program began, but came to know there is just as wide a variety of genre’s and styles in guitar music and playing as in any other medium and it continues to grow. Again, thank you Mrs. Owen. Ed Haas, School of Music ’87


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