Music Alumnus Matthew Bardin (’17) Working To Create New Integrated Performance Experiences

Since graduating from the School of Music in 2017 Matthew Bardin has travelled around the country, and occasionally overseas via Zoom experiencing new ways to create and experience music. He is currently located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he creates music as a PhD student and as the most recent Composer-in Residence for the University Presbyterian Church in the same town. Matthew also teaches classes in creative JavaScript coding, Audio Production, and using STEM technologies for artistic purposes. For more information on his music and other projects, visit

Matthew’s MM thesis explored using the location of a performer on stage to alter the processing of audio that would then directly affect the actions of the same performer; ultimately turning the stage itself into an extension of the music. While in PhD studies Matthew has begun the dissertation process, and already begun prototyping new physical devices that can easily attach (and be removed from) to the body of various woodwind instruments and collect various kinds of data such as movement, finger pressure, airflow, and volume to name a few. These data points are then sent to the computer to be used to process various elements of the performance. This could be limited to the generation of new audio in real-time, However Matthew personally wants to explore the device’s potential in creating adaptive augmented reality environments. He hopes to create a framework for expanding the performance space into vast, unexplored visual areas that can be easily experienced by all members of the audience. Keep an eye out for new works and papers discussing this project in more detail by the end of 2023. The first work planned to utilize this framework is Parabolic, Matthew’s 2021 concerto for Bass Clarinet.

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