Newest Catalog of Latin-American Viola Works Based On Research by Dr. Jesús Alfonzo

The Sphinx Catalog of Latin American Viola Works is the newest database offered by Strings of Latin America and the Sphinx Organization, and is based on original research by Dr. Jesús Alfonzo, who was inspired by the similar work created by his friend and colleague, cellist Dr. German Marcano. Dr. Alfonzo prepared this production as part of his sabbatical research at Stetson University, Deland, Florida, in 2008, then revised in 2017 and self-published in Venezuela in 2018. The project was revived later in 2020 in association with Strings of Latin America and the Sphinx Organization. It is addressed to introduce a new repertoire to the international community of violists, enhance the diversity and preparation of future performances and private teaching, and provide a concise and valuable source of information about Latin American composers.

Dr. Alfonzo, an internationally active violist and a renowned expert in the Latin American repertoire for viola, has joined forces with Dr. Natali Herrera-Pacheco, Dr. Horacio Contreras and the team of Strings of Latin America to expand the original search, which will be continually revised to reflect the ever-expanding nature of the viola music repertoire.

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